Understand How Online Slots Work

These games are the least complex due to the simple founding principle: place your bet and spin the reels. They share some of their characteristics with old-school machines still used in land casinos. The spin’s outcome depends on the combination of symbols landing on the reels.

While physical machines have just three reels, their virtual counterparts ramp up the excitement with more reels and abundant stimulating features like Wilds and Scatters. These either multiply your gains or unlock useful bonuses like free spins or extra rounds.


Every game of this kind is built on the key RNG principle. A random number generator is a computerized system. Its goal is to produce random sequences as often as every millisecond. This allows developers and casinos to ensure fairness of the game.

All licensed platforms use the system, which guarantees the games are not rigged. The randomness principle translates into the absence of any machine memory. This means that your spins have no relation to the winning combination. Even if the jackpot has recently been hit, you may still have a chance of winning.



Bonus System

The combinations you get on the reels could deliver extra benefits that increase the odds of winning big and therefore keep you motivated. There are several categories of such rewards.

  • Welcome bonuses

These are free introductory offers. Most commonly, you will be given a chance to play for free, which allows you to test the slot and see if it works for you. Such opportunities should not be missed, as they usually come with no strings attached.

  • Wilds

These peculiar symbols are multipliers, which means they increase the size of your gains. Their presence enables you to spin other images, thereby getting closer to the jackpot.

  • Regular bonuses

These may be awarded weekly or monthly. They are included in loyalty promotions that encourage users to stay on the platform and play more.

Bonus System

Free Spins

Without this feature, digital slots would lose a chunk of their appeal. Moreover, this assumption is backed by industry research. After all, the prospect of spinning the reels for free is often irresistible. Free spins fall into several distinct categories.

  1. Those that require no deposit
  2. Those that require a deposit

While the former are given as bonuses to platform visitors, the latter will appear during the game. Securing free spins while spinning the reels could require landing three or more scatters. This unlocks an extra round, which enhances the odds.


The abbreviation denotes Return to Player, a reliable indicator of slot “greediness”. The percentage reflects how much of their total bets will return to a player over a period of time. Decent RTP is estimated to fall within the 96-97 range. The higher it is, the better for players.

Importantly, the indicator is calculated as a long-term average. This means it shows the total result of your sessions, rather than the outcome of each separate one. RTP must be available for every slot machine, so you can compare and contrast.

Free Spins